How Contrack Works

We screen and verify every contractor and professional who joins our platform - from Business Permits, Licenses to interviewing their previous clients to give you protection and peace of mind.

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Tell us what you need done such as new house or office build, renovation, extension, refurbishment, repair, maintainance and others.

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You may opt to hire Architects, Interior Designers and Project Managers to represent you when dealing with contractors - ensuring that your vision is translated to structure perfectly.

Choose Your Builders

We'll match you with a list of local builders, trade contractors and professionals local to your area to save on costs and have experience and expertise in your needs.

Pick Your Favorite

Award the project to the professionals and builders you feel has your best interests at heart. Our team of Construction experts can also help you with choosing!

Why Contrack?

Contrack uses the information you provide to connect you to verified local Professional and Contractor options

Comprehensive Project Management Get free advice from our Project Consultants on what are a better fit for you based on your requirements.
Architectural & Engineering Plans from accredited professionals Help you review contractor quotations and help you negotiate when necessary.
Quality Surveyor with Cost estimates You get insights into the standard market pricing of services and materials to help you compare quotations from contractors and make better informed decisions.
Quality Assurance Source alternative materials from our list of accredited suppliers to get rebates, discounts or quality upgrade!
Builders with PCAB Accreditation Our Project Consultants can help you manage the projects and ensure that your vision is properly translated into structure.

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Get leads in real-time from local clients needing design, project management, build, renovation, fit-out and more.

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